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ARE Update: Social Distancing at Test Centers

July 22,2020

Prometric Operations and Social Distancing

As Prometric test centers return to normal operations in compliance with local guidelines, please be aware that test centers’ social distancing requirements may vary depending on location. Some test centers are now “fully open,” which may mean a return to normal occupancy, where social distancing of six feet may not be maintained or required. 

To find out if your local test center is operating at “full capacity,” please visit the Prometric Site Openings page, and look at the far right tab under “operational status.” If your test center is fully open and you are uncomfortable testing without guarantee of social distancing, we recommend you defer your test or reschedule to a test center operating at limited capacity.

Please note, some testing locations still remain closed for various reasons. A list of closed test centers, plus expected reopening dates can be found on the Prometric Test Center Closure page.

Rescheduling Fees Remain Waived

Prometric has begun communicating that they are reinstating rescheduling fees beginning September 1, 2020. However, NCARB continues to waive ARE rescheduling fees indefinitely until further notice. Regardless of Prometric’s decision, NCARB will not charge candidates a fee to reschedule an existing appointment.

Prometric Contact Tracing Protocols

Following the recommended guidance of public health experts, Prometric has invoked its COVID-19 Safety Plan. This plan requires Prometric to notify any individuals who may have been exposed to the virus while at a test center based on the timing of a known infected individual’s presence at the specific location. Prometric will notify candidates directly if they are impacted.

Upon confirmation of a COVID-19 infected individual at a test center, Prometric will close that location for no less than 48 hours to complete a deep cleaning of the test site. Candidates with appointments scheduled during the test center’s closure will be contacted by Prometric regarding the rescheduling of their disrupted appointment.

Early-August Appointment Displacements

As some test centers remain closed and others are operating at limited capacity, a small amount of existing ARE appointments between August 1–15, 2020, are expected to be canceled by Prometric. Such displacements should be identified by the end of this week. Any candidates impacted by early-August social distancing measures will be contacted by NCARB as soon as they have been identified by Prometric.

Face Covering Requirement is Still in Effect

As Prometric returns to full occupancy in some locations, be advised that ALL locations are still requiring candidates to wear acceptable face coverings at all times while at the test center. All ARE candidates will need to bring and wear their own face covering to enter and test at their local testing site. Current test center policies and additional information about testing procedures can be found on Prometric’s Test Center Policies website.

Need Help?

Learn about what to expect at test centers amid the pandemic, including Prometric’s updated check-in process.

Thank you for your ongoing patience. We are sorry that many candidates have been impacted by these events. If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us.

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