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Additional Rolling Clock Extension

August 18,2020

Dear Member Board Members and Executives,

Please see the attached communication that will be released to candidates and the public on Tuesday.
After monitoring the ongoing disruption of testing due to COVID-19 and the backlog of candidate appointments yet to be made up due to the test center closures earlier this year, NCARB is going to administer what we expect to be a final
rolling clock extension to all candidates. Later this month, an additional 6-month rolling clock extension will automatically be added to all valid exam scores. Combined with the previous extensions, we are ensuring that we will have the online proctoring
option available with Prometric well in advance of any candidate being impacted by the Rolling Clock policy. Not only will the online proctoring option provide greater access to testing appointments, it provides a safer alternative for candidates to test that may have underlying health conditions.
Along with the Rolling Clock extension, we will also automatically adjust each candidate’s Test Activity Status date to ensure that their eligibilities to test are not inadvertently closed before providing them access to more testing opportunity.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact the Council Relations team if you have any questions about these updates.
The Council Relations Team

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